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How to Prepare for an Intensive Outpatient Program

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An intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers an intermediate level of care that provides a balance for those with a substance use disorder who want to engage in outpatient treatment. It allows you to balance daily responsibilities with a rehab time commitment higher than a regular outpatient program and less than a partial hospitalization program. An IOP center for mental health and addiction recovery is an ideal choice for countless people who need a particular level of accountability and treatment while also meeting other obligations.

Reach out to Ashwood Recovery to learn about our intensive outpatient program options, preparing for IOP, and what to expect in an IOP regarding scheduling, evidence-based treatments, and aftercare. We have dedicated staff ready to welcome you onto the road to your recovery. Call 888.341.3607 or use our online form.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

As the name implies, An IOP is a more intense version of outpatient treatment. It involves a tightly scheduled program of:

  • Evidence-based treatments
  • Group, family, and individual therapy
  • Support groups
  • Education

The increased time spent in an IOP makes it a higher level of care, better for those with more complex addictions, co-occurring disorders, or a history of relapse. Any outpatient program only works if the at-home support network is reliable and the home setting can be made free of substances and other triggers.

Intensive Outpatient Program Options

IOP options have to do with the duration of treatment, scheduling, and weekly time commitment.

  • Duration – The standard minimum duration of most outpatient treatment programs is 30 days. When creating your IOP treatment plan, you and your treatment team will discuss the expected treatment duration.
  • Scheduling – One of the benefits of outpatient rehab is that it is often possible to schedule your treatment hours around your school or work commitments and other factors. Evenings, days, and weekends are all options.
  • Time commitment – An IOP requires more time than a regular outpatient program but not as much as a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Typically between two to five hours per day, four or five days a week.

Preparing for an IOP

When you are ready to begin treatment in an intensive outpatient program, there are two critical areas to focus on in your planning. Both have to do with making space for rehab in your life, which involves open communication with work and family.

Planning with School or Work

To ensure a seamless transition to your IOP, you will want as much transparency with the people you have obligations to. They will want you to be a healthier, happier you and should support your choice to start a recovery program. The Family and Medical Leave Act protects your employment for up to 12 weeks of leave, but in an IOP, you will be able to continue working or attending school, but perhaps at a reduced schedule or with adjusted hours. When working on your rehab schedule and how it will dovetail with work or school responsibilities, you can ask for support in finding scheduling solutions.

Coordinating with Family

Planning for rehab should include anyone you live with or frequently interact with in personal relationships. Make arrangements for children, older parents, or animals to whom you have a caregiving responsibility for the hours when you cannot be at home. Given the time requirements of an IOP, you will be away from home more than usual, especially if you seek to maintain ties to work and school throughout this period. Ask your family for their unconditional support through the IOP process.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program at Ashwood Recovery?

At Ashwood Recovery, an IOP is a life-changing program that benefits not only you but also your loved ones. When you turn your life around by beginning your recovery at Ashwood, you are the rising tide that lifts all boats. You can begin to restore relationships, communication, truth-telling, meeting responsibilities, and physical and mental health over time.

Find out more about how an IOP can change your life. Call Ashwood Recovery at 888.341.3607 or fill out our online form. It’s that simple.