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Understanding Why Heroin is So Addictive and How to Help an Addict

July 9th, 2018|

You may have read stories about heroin addiction, and you wonder why is heroin so addictive? A common belief about this drug is that it is in a class of drugs all by itself.  Heroin has the status of superpower. Understanding Why Heroin is So Addictive and How to Help an Addict Dangerous and powerful, heroin is considered to be one of the most addictive of all drugs.  Even the name comes from a German word meaning “heroic, strong.” To give so much credit to a powdery substance might seem to be a bit

Ashwood Recovery is Now In-Network with Multiple Insurance Carriers

March 9th, 2017|

We are excited to announce that you will now have in-network insurance coverage for drug rehab services at Ashwood Recovery! Here's Our Current List of Insurance Agencies Who We Are Now In-Network With: Pac Source (BP) MHNet Select Health Cigna Why Being In-Network Saves You Money When you Choose an Addiction Treatment Program When you attend a drug rehab program, including outpatient programs like Ashwood, your insurance should help cover the cost of treatment, which is a big help. If the rehab you choose is out-of-network, the amount of coverage paid by the insurance is

Ashwood Recovery is Now Accredited by The Joint Commission

September 28th, 2016|

Ashwood Recovery is Proud to Announce Our Accreditation with The Joint Commission! Offering high-quality and ethical services to our clients is of the utmost importance at Ashwood Recovery, which is why we are proud to announce that we are officially accredited by The Joint Commission. Why is Being an Accredited Addiction Center so Important? Becoming accredited with The Joint Commission is a challenge as there are many rules and regulations that must be followed and confirmed in order to meet the requirements set by The Joint Commission. In a nutshell, being accredited helps ensure better

Quitting Drugs or Alcohol: What Happens When I Go Cold Turkey?

April 24th, 2016|

It is very common for people to consider going cold turkey when quitting drugs or alcohol. Perhaps you’ve found this page because you’re considering doing the same thing; you’re just not sure if it’s a good idea or you need more information. It’s important to know what happens when you go cold turkey as opposed to going through some type of drug detox or alcohol detox. You might have a lot of questions, such as: Should I consider drug treatment in Idaho after I go cold turkey? Do I really need addiction treatment if I want to

Four Signs Addiction Has Control of You

April 24th, 2016|

At the early stages of your addiction, balancing life and using was probably hard, but it was manageable.  Nevertheless, as your addiction grows stronger, and it becomes harder and harder to feed, the balancing act will fall apart.  You will struggle to sneak to get your drugs or alcohol, you will start to get caught, your family will start to push you away, and you will begin to feel all alone—with only your drugs and alcohol to sooth your suffering. If you truly want to avoid losing everything, and possibly your life, you should pay

5 Truths About Drug Rehab in Idaho that Most People Don’t Realize

April 24th, 2016|

When you think about rehab, thoughts of sitting in groups talking about your problems might be the first thought that crosses your mind.  Images of strung-out addicts sitting in white rooms watching TV or playing cards might be another image your brain conjures up.  Drug detox might be a third thought that crosses your mind—withdrawal, discomfort, and sheer frustration might be what your mind associates with rehab.  The truth of this matter is this; drug rehab does not offer that institutionalized image that so many minds summon when the subject is broached.  In fact, here

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month in Idaho

April 6th, 2016|

“The longer children delay drinking and drug use, the less likely they are to develop any problems associated with it. That’s why it is so important to help your child make smart decisions about alcohol and drugs.” ~ Andrew Pucher, President and CEO of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence For the next 30 days, community organizations across the country will be promoting healthier lifestyles and drinking habits in observance of the 30th annual National Annual Alcohol Awareness Month. The goal is to raise public awareness and understanding, as well as removing the

Getting Sober — Advice from a Woman Who’s Been There

March 17th, 2016|

Are you thinking about getting sober but scared to do so?  You are tired of the game, aren’t you?  You are sick of pretending, the guilt is getting the best of you, and you really don’t know which way to turn. You know you have a problem, and you want to get help, but you are scared to death to leave your kids and your family.  No one can take care of them like you can, right? You are even more scared of what you will come back to. People will know I was drinking

Alcoholism and Parenting Don’t Mix: One Parent’s Need for Alcohol Treatment in Idaho

March 17th, 2016|

Alcohol addiction can form in a very short period of time. In most cases, people don’t intend to get addicted to alcohol. However, because of their ongoing use (and eventual abuse), alcohol addiction is often the result. No one is immune to getting addicted to alcohol. It affects professionals, college students and yes, even loving parents who only want the best for their children. We’d like to share a story with you from one parent who finally realized a need for alcohol detox and further addiction treatment once he understood how his addiction was damaging

Finding Free Addiction Resources in Boise, Idaho

March 17th, 2016|

Like every other city in the United States, Boise, Idaho, is not without drug and alcohol addiction.  Places such as Northpoint Recovery and Ashwood Recovery offer inpatient and outpatient treatment options for those who are ready to commit to a program for drug and alcohol treatment, but facilities are just one part of the recovery equation. Those who have recovered from drug and alcohol addiction in Boise, need a place to go after they’ve left places like Northpoint Recovery or Ashwood Recovery.  They need resources. Furthermore, families of those who suffer from addiction need places