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Angry When Not Drinking and Getting Sober

a person holds their head possibly Angry when not drinking

Long-term alcohol addiction can have many severe effects on the brain. When under the influence of alcohol, the brain releases a flood of calming, happy chemicals like dopamine to the body. When a patient undergoes alcohol rehab, the lack of these happy chemicals can result in painful withdrawal symptoms, one of which is being angry when they are sober. Anger is a very triggering emotion, so it is vital to manage this carefully during recovery.

While alcohol rehab can be very challenging, Ashwood Recovery addresses the physical and psychological aspects of alcohol addiction to achieve long-term healing and recovery. Our Boise, Idaho facility offers outpatient programs for functional alcoholics with heavy work schedules or family obligations. Contact us at 888.341.3607 to see if this program is the right fit for you or your loved one.

Why Are You Angry When Sober?

While alcohol withdrawal has a myriad of effects, some of the more common ones are:

  • Higher stress levels, anxiousness or panic
  • Increased irritability, mood swings, heightened sensitivity to stress
  • Sleep issues or poor sleep quality
  • Trouble concentrating or remembering

These symptoms often contribute to increased feelings of anger when someone is withdrawing from alcohol. Anger is a severe and enduring factor in heavy alcohol intake and relapse. Therefore sober anger management techniques must be employed while recovering from alcohol addiction.

What to Do When You Feel Angry When Not Drinking?

Several techniques can help manage anger when the emotion arises. Though each individual would have many different techniques that work for them, here are a few suggestions that a patient can try when they feel angry:

  • Fully acknowledge their anger and allow themselves to feel it
  • Count to ten slowly in their head so that they can assess the situation before reacting
  • Take deep breaths and hold them for four seconds before breathing out slowly
  • Intentionally engage their senses by pausing and observing the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures around them
  • Get exercise to release physical tension and give them a boost in endorphins
  • Have them be attentive to their personal needs by practicing self-care and self-compassion

There is no shame in experiencing anger in the early recovery process. Anger is part of the typical host of withdrawal symptoms for alcohol addiction and should be addressed as such. Patients should never hesitate to ask for support or help, especially when they feel overwhelmed by their emotions during this critical time.

Get Alcohol Rehab at Ashwood Recovery in Boise, Idaho

The psychological side of addiction will need to be addressed in a good alcohol rehab program, like those offered in Ashwood Recovery. Patients will also receive counseling on effective ways to combat and confront addiction in their everyday life. The long-term sobriety rates for those who complete alcohol rehab after detox can increase by as much as half.

Some of the topics that alcohol rehab will focus on include:

  • Other pre-existing or co-existing mental health conditions that may be contributing to addiction
  • What the underlying sources of addiction may be
  • Handling addiction triggers, emotional triggers, and alcohol cravings
  • Managing addiction in everyday life
  • Improving relationships with friends and family
  • Redirecting energy and attention towards positive new pastimes, goals, or interests

Over time, these things will be addressed during alcohol rehab through a holistic therapy approach, including group therapy, counseling, educational classes, psychiatric care, and workshops. These treatments can result in a new sober mindset that will equip patients with the tools they need to maintain recovery and avoid relapse.

Ashwood Recovery’s out-patient facility in Boise, Idaho, is equipped with the expertise and experience to assist in post-detox alcohol rehab. If you or a loved one would like to learn about what we can offer, please get in touch with us at 888.341.3607 today.