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Alcoholism Tests And Warning Signs That Reveal If You’re An Alcoholic

Am I An Alcoholic?

Because you have found yourself on this page…right here, right now… you’re wondering if you have a problem with alcohol. Why else would you be researching this topic? People who don’t have a problem with alcohol don’t Google “Am I an alcoholic?” and they definitely don’t look for tests that will tell them whether or not they have a problem with drinking. The very fact that you have made it here may indicate that you do, in fact, have a problem with alcohol. Of course, most people do not make the realization that they have a drinking problem on their own. The information comes from what the alcoholic believes are misinformed family members. Perhaps you have come to here to take an alcoholism test to prove someone wrong – and maybe they are wrong. Maybe you’re not an alcoholic. But…maybe you are. We believe you owe it you yourself to find out the truth. So, we’ve made it easy for you. This blog includes information and a number of alcoholism tests from reputable sources that will help you figure out for yourself if you are, in fact, an alcoholic.

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Is Your Spouse, Child, Friend, Family Member Or Co-Worker An Alcoholic?

It’s quite possible that you’ve come here because you are doing research on behalf of someone you care about. Maybe you know for sure that you do not have a problem with alcohol, but you believe someone you know has a drinking problem. If this is the case, you can also benefit from the information provided in this blog. However; we believe in order for someone to get help for a problem with alcohol, the admission that there is a problem must come from the person who has the problem. You can provide information and resources to the person you care about, but unless the alcoholic drinker becomes self-aware that a problem exists, in his or her mind – there is no problem. If, after reading this blog, you feel the person you care about does have a drinking problem; we encourage you to ask them to read this blog themselves.

Could I Have a Problem With Drinking And Not Know It?

Before we present you with some alcoholism self-assessment tests, we feel we need to discuss a very powerful aspect of alcoholism. It’s called denial. Denial is a defense mechanism that tells you that you do not have a problem with alcohol. It lies to you and tells you that your drinking isn’t as bad as everyone says it is. It also says that you can get your drinking under control whenever you want to. These are all lies manifested by denial. The tricky part about denial is that it comes to you in your own voice and it is very convincing. It is the mind’s way of shielding you from the ugly truth about your drinking to safeguard you from the painful reality that you have a problem that it outside of your control. Although denial is a psychological construct designed to protect you, it is killing you. It is not your friend. It is the enemy of life. The first phase in the healing process when it comes to problem drinking is to step outside of denial into the light of truth. If you really want to know if you are an alcoholic, we ask that you make a bold move before you continue to read this blog. Say out loud to yourself, “I give myself permission to be honest with myself about my drinking. I no longer wish to live in the bondage of denial. I want to know the truth about myself.” Just making this simple declaration – though it might seem hokey – can put your mind in a new direction. This small demonstration of willingness can allow you to see some behaviors you may not have been able to honestly assess until now. Ready to get real? Let’s take your first alcoholism assessment test.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Test – 12 Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine If You Might Be An Alcoholic

Here is a revised quiz from the Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlet Is A.A. For You? Twelve Questions Only You Can Answer. Be sure to answer these questions as honestly as you can. Don’t worry. You don’t need to think about joining A.A. just yet. We’re only providing this quiz to help you figure out if you have a problem with drinking. Alcoholics Anonymous is considered an authority on the subject of alcoholism. Here goes:

  1. Have you ever decided to stop drinking for a week or so, but only lasted for a couple of days?
  2. Do you wish people would mind their own business about your drinking – stop telling you what to do?
  3. Have you ever switched from one kind of drink to another in the hope that this would keep you from getting drunk?
  4. Have you had to have an “eye-opener” upon awakening during the past year? (Do you need a drink to get started in the morning, or to stop shaking? This is a pretty sure sign that you are not drinking “socially.”)
  5. Do you envy people who can drink without getting into trouble? (At one time or another, most alcoholics have wondered why they were not like most people, who really can take it or leave it.)
  6. Have you had problems connected with drinking during the past year? (Be honest!)
  7. Has your drinking caused trouble at home?
  8. Do you ever try to get “extra” drinks at a party because you do not get enough?
  9. Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking any time you want to, even though you keep getting drunk when you don’t mean to?’
  10. Have you missed days of work or school because of drinking? (Many of us admit now that we “called in sick” lots of times when the truth was that we were hung-over or drunk.)
  11. Do you have “blackouts”? (A “blackout” is when you have been drinking hours or days you cannot remember. This is a pretty sure sign of alcoholic drinking.)
  12. Have you ever felt that your life would be better if you did not drink?

If you answered “yes” four or more times to these twelve questions, the experts at Alcoholics Anonymous suggest that you might be an alcoholic or have a problem with drinking.

Ten Warning Signs That You Might Be An Alcoholic

Okay, we’ve presented a self-assessment from Alcoholics Anonymous. While this is a good start, we feel this alcoholism test leaves a lot out. In fact, you may have even aced that test and convinced yourself you don’t have a problem. Now, rather than provide a quiz where you are permitted to answer questions yourself, we want to provide some cold, hard facts that may help you better understand the situation at hand. Here are ten warning signs that you might be an alcoholic:

  1. You lie about your drinking. If you’re hiding how much alcohol you drink or trying to pretend you don’t drink at all when people confront you about your drinking, you might have a problem.
  2. You can’t stop drinking once you start. Have you told yourself you are only just going to throw back one or two to relax only to find yourself in a drunken stupor before the night ends? If so, you might be an alcoholic.
  3. You have blackouts. If you drink to the point where you don’t remember how you got home or why you are waking up on the kitchen floor, you definitely have a problem. Non-alcoholic drinkers don’t black out.
  4. You miss work, school, or commitments because of your drinking. If you are too hungover to fulfill your responsibilities, this is a warning sign that you have a problem with alcohol.
  5. You drink alone. Are you drinking mass quantities of alcohol at home by yourself rather than in social situations? Red flag!
  6. You drink at inappropriate times or sneak drinks. Do you drink before work or during lunch to get you through the day? Do you take swigs in the bathroom at home or do shots when nobody is looking? If so, this is not normal.
  7. Alcohol is causing problems in your relationships. Although it may seem like your spouse/parent/friend is nagging you about your drinking and spoiling all the fun, if alcohol is causing problems in your relationships, this is a warning sign that you have a problem with alcohol.
  8. You spend a lot of money, time, attention, energy on alcohol. Is alcohol a priority in your life? If so, you need to ask yourself why. People who do not have a problem with alcohol do not revolve their lives around the stuff.
  9. Have to tried to quit drinking only to find that you can’t? If you have sworn off drinking time and time again only to return to the bottle time and time again, we hate to be the bearer of bad news – you’re probably an alcoholic.
  10. Do you have physical problems because of your drinking? Do you have the shakes if you don’t drink? Do you wake up throwing up in the morning? Are you hungover a lot? If so, you probably have an alcohol problem.

For more information, here are the stages of alcoholism explained.

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Still Not Convinced You Have a Drinking Problem? Here Are Five More Alcoholism Tests

If, after reading all the information we have provided for you about alcoholism, you’re still not convinced you have a problem with drinking, we encourage you to take all five of these quizzes. We think you might be surprised at the results. Be sure to answer honestly to the best of your ability. Remember, if you choose to be deceptive, you’re only deceiving yourself. You’re letting denial take hold. 24 Question Alcoholism Addiction Quiz 19 Question Am I Addicted? Quiz 25 Question Alcoholism Quiz: Do you Have An Alcohol Addiction? 20 Question Binge Drinking Quiz 20 Question Functional Alcoholic Quiz Maybe you don’t need to take these quizzes. Maybe you have gotten a dose of reality and you’ve gotten honest with yourself. You don’t like the conclusion you’ve come to, but it’s an honest one – you are an alcoholic. If this is where you’re at, congratulations. You have taken the first step to getting yourself right and you are now moving toward a place of health and wellness. Good for you!

I Admit It, I am An Alcoholic… Now What?

We want to be completely honest with you – overcoming alcoholism isn’t easy. But it’s worth it. Living life drunk with all it it’s horrifying consequences isn’t easy either. If you were enjoying your life and having a jolly old time boozing it up, you wouldn’t be here with us taking all these alcoholism tests, right? Now that you have made the assessment that you are, in fact, an alcoholic, we recommend that you get help right away. Alcoholism is a life-threatening disease that requires medical attention. Through a medical detoxification, rehabilitation, and alcohol counseling you can build a solid foundation for recovery. Talk to your doctor or an addiction expert about your options for getting sober. Quitting alcohol is not something you should try and do on your own. After detox and rehab, we recommend that you go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting near you and find out what this amazing 12-Step fellowship is all about. At A.A., you can meet other people who are like you and learn more about the disease of alcoholism. You can get resources and find out how you can stay sober one day at a time. Connecting with people in A.A. will make sobriety fun and worthwhile. To encourage you to quit drinking, here are 11 surprising benefits you’ll enjoy when you stop drinking alcohol. Also, as you continue to stay sober, you’ll be interested to learn how to repair your liver.