Alcoholism and Parenting Don’t Mix: One Parent’s Need for Alcohol Treatment in Idaho

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Alcohol addiction can form in a very short period of time. In most cases, people don’t intend to get addicted to alcohol. However, because of their ongoing use (and eventual abuse), alcohol addiction is often the result. No one is immune to getting addicted to alcohol. It affects professionals, college students and yes, even loving parents who only want the best for their children. We’d like to share a story with you from one parent who finally realized a need for alcohol detox and further addiction treatment once he understood how his addiction was damaging his family.

Alcoholism Took Over My Life: It All Started with a Sip

I can remember when I first took a sip of alcohol. It didn’t taste very good, but I kept drinking it, thinking I would get used to it. You probably know how this story ends. I got used to it pretty fast. Before long, if I went too long without alcohol, I just didn’t feel right. I would start to have cravings for it and my hands would start to shake. For me, an alcohol addiction really didn’t take a long time to form. I managed to keep my addiction under wraps while my wife and I were dating. We got engaged and got married, and it wasn’t until a few years into our marriage that my true alcoholic colors started to show. When my wife threatened to leave me, I managed to tone it down a bit, but I was still drinking here and there whenever she wasn’t around. Things were fine again until our first son was born. I was enthralled with him. He was the light of my life. I couldn’t believe I could help create something so beautiful and perfect. I vowed that I needed to get my life right, and that included giving up my alcohol addiction. I honestly thought I would be able to do it without having to go to alcohol rehab and I was certain I didn’t need anything as drastic as alcohol detox. After all, that was for people who couldn’t hold down jobs or who were on the brink of financial failure, wasn’t it? I felt I could handle it. I just wouldn’t drink anymore.

Alcoholism and My Constant Relapse

Unfortunately, my resolve to quit drinking didn’t last long. My wife and I started spending long nights up with our newborn son, and I still had to go to work in the morning. I found I couldn’t function on such a small amount of sleep without alcohol to keep me going. My performance at work started to slip, my marriage was going downhill fast, and it got to the point where I couldn’t manage anything on my own anymore. I knew I needed help, and I also knew I couldn’t do it on my own.

Coming to Terms with the Need for Alcohol Treatment in Idaho

Getting addiction help was the best thing I could have done for myself. The counselor I spoke with recommended alcohol detox and then rehab because she said it would help to rid my body of all of the toxins I’d been giving it for so many years. She said I would be supervised in case there was a medical problem, or if I needed medicinal relief for withdrawal symptoms. That sounded much better than trying to go cold turkey on my own. Although it was hard to leave my newborn son and my wife for a little while, I decided that inpatient alcohol detox was my best option if I was going to recover from this addiction. It was the best decision I could have made. Now I’m sober and I’m free…finally! If you would like more information about alcohol rehab or treatment in Boise, Idaho, please contact us here at Ashwood Recovery today. We’re happy to help you.