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5 Truths About Drug Rehab in Idaho that Most People Don’t Realize

When you think about rehab, thoughts of sitting in groups talking about your problems might be the first thought that crosses your mind.  Images of strung-out addicts sitting in white rooms watching TV or playing cards might be another image your brain conjures up.  Drug detox might be a third thought that crosses your mind—withdrawal, discomfort, and sheer frustration might be what your mind associates with rehab.  The truth of this matter is this; drug rehab does not offer that institutionalized image that so many minds summon when the subject is broached.  In fact, here are five facts about drug rehab in Idaho that most people often don’t realize.

  • Drug rehabs are filled with compassion.
  • Drug rehabs offer many amenities.
  • Drug rehabs invite families into the healing process.
  • Drug rehabs work to set clients up for success after treatment.
  • Drug rehabs help you find out more about yourself.

Drug Rehab Truth #1-Drug treatment is filled with compassion.

You might be surprised to know that drug and alcohol counselors in Idaho are very compassionate people.  There is no nurse Ratched running around the facility scolding and shaming clients.  In fact, many people who choose to work in drug and alcohol rehab were once addicts themselves.

Drug Rehab Truth #2-Drug rehabs programs in Idaho offer many amenities.

Addiction rehab is certainly no resort, but it does do what it can to make your stay comfortable.  Geographically speaking, most rehab programs offer amenities that are conducive to their environment.  Programs for outdoor adventures are prominent among many programs—especially those set in the country.  Rehabs work hard to offer clients ways to release the frustration and the stress that comes along with getting clean and sober, so they offer activities to help clients find new things that they enjoy.

Drug Rehab Truth #3-Drug rehabs are open to families in Idaho.

A quality drug rehab program in Idaho understands that family support can drastically increase clients’ chances of maintaining sobriety.  This is why worthwhile programs offer family counseling.  Families have a lot to learn about addiction and healing from addiction.  With the help of trained counselors, families can help their loved ones recover from their dependence.  Clients do not leave rehab healed from their cravings.  They leave prepared to manage their triggers in the real world.  With family members who understand what they are going through and who understand the illness of addiction as well, clients’ odds of using their new found skills to stay sober increase drastically.

Drug Rehab Truth #4-Drug treatment can keep working after you leave.

A giant misconception about drug treatment is that it helps clients through detox, it teaches them the 12 steps, and then, it sends them on their merry way to figure it out.  That is far from what happens.  The point of addiction recovery is to teach clients how to manage their lives outside of the program.  This means that skills like changing people, places, and things, are practiced.  Clients are taught that it is OK to think of their best interests.  Drug rehab is not a place where you stop by, get clean, and then leave to try and make it on your own.

Drug Rehab Truth #5-Drug rehabs in Idaho help you discover more about yourself.

While in rehab, clients learn what types of actions and events trigger their use so that they can avoid them.  If triggers are unavoidable, clients are taught how to handle challenging situations.  Looking at triggers really opens up clients’ eyes to things they didn’t know about themselves.  They learn more about their likes and dislikes, and rehab helps to foster these new self-discoveries. Drug rehab is a very complicated experience.  It is filled with regrets and breakthroughs, and it is meant to open up an entirely new world for clients.