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Common Party Drugs Used in Idaho: Get the Facts

April 28th, 2017|

“Things were worse an hour ago, and I was looking at this tree but it was a dragon and then a tree, and I remembered that one nice pretty weather day when I was part of the air. Regardless, I decided to never take LSD again.” ~ Charlie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower In order to gain a full understanding of the most common party drugs used in Idaho, you should get all the facts. It is not enough to simply know which party drugs are commonly used in the state – it is

Big Pharma – Friend or Foe of Addiction?

April 24th, 2017|

“No one should approach the temple of science with the soul of a money changer.” ~ Thomas Browne Article after article in recent news headlines discusses how big pharma and addiction to opioids are integrally connected. Most recently, John Oliver took on the topic of big pharma and addiction in his Last Week Tonight show, stating that at least three-quarters of opioid addicts begin their dependency with prescription medication like Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin before using heroin. Even just plain old common sense makes it clear that even if big pharma is not a friend

NA Meetings vs. AA Meetings in Boise: What Are the Differences

April 21st, 2017|

“I have found that the process of discovering who I really am begins with knowing who I really don’t want to be.” ~ Alcoholics Anonymous literature Idaho hosts both Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but when it comes to NA vs. AA, what are the differences between the two? Nearly everyone has heard of Alcoholics Anonymous and the twelve steps – but did you know that there is an equivalent support group for addicts as well? Both AA and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are committed to providing a safe environment for alcoholics and addicts alike

How to Say No and Stay Strong When You’re Living with and Loving an Addict

April 14th, 2017|

“Sometimes ‘no’ is the kindest word.” ~ Vironika Tugaleva Saying no may be one of the most difficult things a person can do, so how can you say no and stay strong when you’re living with and loving an addict? For an addict, the word ‘no’ can be very inflammatory – staying strong in the face of their reaction can often be quite difficult. While there is no scientific answer to this problem, we do our best here to provide some guidance for both living with and loving an addict. Perhaps the most important thing

Is Addiction Ever a Choice?

April 10th, 2017|

With thousands of American households affected by drug and alcohol dependency on a daily basis, many are left asking: is addiction ever a choice, or is it a disorder needing mental and pharmacological treatment? Despite the last several decades of research, many people continue to think of addiction as a conscious and willful choice rather than the result of biological and mental processes. This is an unfortunate reality since research has shown time and again that addiction is a mental disorder, largely outside of one’s control. To better understand the question of whether or not

What is Trauma-Informed Care and Is It Important During Addiction Treatment?

April 3rd, 2017|

“Traumatic events challenge an individual’s view of the world as a just, safe and predictable place. Traumas that are caused by human behavior commonly have more psychological impact than those caused by nature.” ~ American Psychological Association, APA Dictionary of Psychology There is no question that traumatic experiences shape both mental processes and behavior – which is why trauma-informed care is such a crucial element of addiction treatment. However, there is often a misunderstanding regarding both what trauma looks like and how it interacts with addiction and its treatment.  In an effort to clarify these