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Phone Addiction – Why it’s a problem and why you might want to put down your cell phone

March 25th, 2017|

We’ve reached a point in today’s society that the mobile phone is quite possibly the most important item we own. It keeps us connected to our loved ones, it monitors our finances, the news, and the weather. It keeps us entertained. Cell phones are capable of doing so much in our everyday lives that we often don’t realize just how much time we spend on them. At what point do we start using our phones too much? Is it possible to be addicted to your phone? What is Internet or Phone Addiction? Typically, phone use

No one’s talking about meth anymore… is it still a big issue in Idaho?

March 20th, 2017|

Recently, it seems any news that pops up regarding addiction is related to opioid addiction. Prescription drug and heroin abuse are one of the drug epidemics that is striking the nation currently. While opioids are certainly a problem in Idaho as well, it was meth or methamphetamine, that was considered the biggest challenge in fighting drug addiction in recent years. Has the situation improved? Is meth addiction still a problem in Idaho? Meth Addiction in Idaho Although fewer meth lab busts have been occurring in Idaho, methamphetamine is still being used, it’s just coming into

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics in U.S. Show Alarming Trends

March 16th, 2017|

Few could argue that addiction is an epidemic that afflicts the developed world. The U.S.A, long thought to be one of the most advanced nations on earth, shows drug and alcohol abuse statistics raising on a significant scale.  According to reports, over 20 million people nationwide suffer from drug and alcohol abuse issues. Perhaps worse, the cost of treatment and incarceration run nearly $700 billion annually for taxpayers. One very troubling statistic is the growing number of deaths attributed to overdose. In the past few years, an explosion of opiate-related overdoses has struck fear

Ashwood Recovery is Now In-Network with Multiple Insurance Carriers

March 9th, 2017|

We are excited to announce that you will now have in-network insurance coverage for drug rehab services at Ashwood Recovery! Here's Our Current List of Insurance Agencies Who We Are Now In-Network With: Pac Source (BP) MHNet Select Health Cigna Why Being In-Network Saves You Money When you Choose an Addiction Treatment Program When you attend a drug rehab program, including outpatient programs like Ashwood, your insurance should help cover the cost of treatment, which is a big help. If the rehab you choose is out-of-network, the amount of coverage paid by the insurance is

Length of stay for addiction rehab-does it matter?

March 7th, 2017|

There is no exact answer for how long addicts should stay in drug and alcohol rehab. Neither is there an exact scientific formula for calculating how long rehab should last. Any amount of time is good. However, therapists agree that longer stays result in lower relapse rates. Addiction is a chronic disorder. It can be debilitating and in some cases, life-threatening. Treatment helps addicts get and stay sober. Accepting a drug addiction and seeking professional help is the first step to recovery. Rehab saves lives. Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer programs that

Addiction Therapies Explained: CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing and EMDR

March 2nd, 2017|

There are many options when it comes to addiction therapies. Each therapy offers a different approach to a very serious disease. How do these different types of therapies treat addiction and which type is best for you? Components of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Research in addiction therapy has undergone immense changes since a boom in research that started in the 1970s. Several therapies have developed due to successful studies and others have evolved out of those studies in recent years. What governs whether or not an addiction therapy is effective in treatment? Researchers have identified key