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10 Reasons it’s Better to be Sober

If you’re an alcoholic or you’re addicted to drugs, you probably know that you should be sober, but you’re afraid of the feelings (either physical or emotional) that you might experience if you are. To help, we’ve put together a list of ten of the reasons it’s better to be sober. Hopefully, this list will offer you some valuable insight into your own life and highlight some reasons in your life why you should strive for sobriety.

  1. Your appearance will improve – It’s really amazing to imagine it right now, especially if you’re currently in the “throes” of your addiction to alcohol or drugs, but once you begin a life of sobriety, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your appearance. Your skin color will improve and it will clear up and look healthier than ever before. Your eyes, which might have once been bloodshot and or have black circles under them will look better too.
  2. You’ll make new friends – If you’ve joined groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, you’ll meet a lot of people who are you just like you. They understand what you’re going through and they probably have stories that are similar to yours. These friends are a crucial part of your healing journey, and you’ll really enjoy these new relationships.
  3. You’ll save money – The fact is that being an addict is expensive. You don’t realize how much money you spend on your addiction because the addiction is too important to you. It doesn’t matter. Try saving up the money you would have spent on alcohol or drugs instead. You’ll be amazed at how much you save, and you might even be able to take a vacation with it eventually.
  4. You’ll enjoy more time with your family – Addictions tear you away from your family because they’re more important to you than anything else. You probably beg off from any event when you know you won’t be able to use, and you might even find ways to get away from your family so that you can use. Sobriety changes all of that and you’ll be able to enjoy that time with them once again.
  5. You’ll experience the feeling of honesty – When you have an addiction, you don’t realize just how heavy the weight is that you’re carrying. You might spend hours contemplating how you’re going to get money for alcohol or drugs, and then have to come up with a story to cover up your deception. With that weight gone, you’ll feel lighter than air, and honesty is a wonderful feeling.
  6. Your health will improve – How many health problems has your addiction caused for you? Perhaps you’ve developed an incessant cough that just won’t go away, or maybe you have recently gotten some bad test results from your doctor. When you stop using drugs or alcohol, your health will improve dramatically because you’re no longer poisoning your body.
  7. You may get back lost relationships – You can probably think of a lot of people you’ve hurt in your life. Some of those relationships may be gone forever, but many of them might not be. Sobriety offers you the chance to regain those relationships and you’ll be amazed at the number of people who are eager to have you back in their lives.
  8. You’ll have more opportunities in your life – In many ways, addiction is like wearing heavy chains. You don’t have the ability to do the things you really want to do because you’re a slave to the addiction. Once that is removed, however, all kinds of opportunities will open up for you. You’ll be able to reach goals you never thought you could reach and dreams that you never thought would come true.
  9. You’ll recognize yourself again – How long has it been since you looked in the mirror and recognized the person you saw there? Do you even know that person now? Sobriety gives you a fresh look at who you really are as a person. You will have to get to know yourself all over again because addiction tends to mask that. However, it is absolutely worth it.
  10. You’ll be able to help others achieve these same goals – When it’s all said and done, sobriety allows you to have the opportunity to encourage someone else on his or her own journey toward freedom from addiction. That is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Are you ready to discover what it’s like to be sober? We’d like to help you. Please contact us.